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We recommend the following books to learn more about Rene Caisse's Essiac treatments.  There is an incredible amount of disinformation about Essiac tea on the internet.  The books by Sheila Snow and Mali Klein are without any doubt the most documented and accurate books about Essiac tea.  It was Sheila Snow who discovered that if sheep sorrel roots are not included, then it is not Essiac tea.  Rene Caisse was very specific that sheep sorrel roots must be added to the Essiac tea formula. 

Sheila Snow worked directly with Rene Caisse in procuring herbs.  She also helped to promote Essiac and document Rene's research and life.  Sheila spent 27 years compiling a priceless Essiac Archive collection of Rene Caisse's personal papers and correspondence, legal documents, the only existing clinic case records, many hours of tape recorded conversations, memorabilia and other documentation of Essiac history.

Most of these books are out of print collector's books so they are rather expensive. 


THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, 1993, by Sheila Snow






ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, 1999, by Sheila Snow and Mali Klein 










THE ESSIAC BOOK, 2006, by Mali Klein





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Essiac Circle of Friends

Essiac NorthWest, Humbleweed and many others have all contributed to the Essiac Circle of Friends, a natural society of  like-minded people continuing traditional native herbal healing in the spirit of the Seven Fires Prophecy.  The Essiac Circle of Friends is a cooperative effort to provide the highest quality Essiac tea herbs on the planet.  It is not in itself a corporation or business but some of the people involved have started their own retail outlets to provide these high-quality herbs to the public.   We are the people who plant, grow, harvest and supply these high-quality herbs to those in need.  The Circle has evolved over the past decade with various people contributing to it and then moving on in the ever-changing ebb and flow of life.

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