Linda Elliston

Organic, U.S.-Grown Herbs - Sheep Sorrel root included

The Essiac Circle of Friends welcomes Linda Elliston who has recently joined us in providing our high-quality organic Essiac tea herbs.

Linda lives in north Idaho near our certified organic sheep sorrel field adjacent to the Kootenai National Forest near the Canadian border. 

Linda has been playing an active role in the Essiac Circle of Friends this past year and has helped us with our Essiac harvesting and drying operations.  She also helps with weeding which is an ongoing activity throughout the growing season.

Linda only accepts cash for Essiac tea.



     Linda Elliston

      5934 Old Hwy 2 Loop

      Moyie Springs, 83845







 2 oz Packet with 10% sheep sorrel roots = $39

2 oz Packet with 25% sheep sorrel roots = $75

8 oz (4 - 2oz Packets) with 10% sheep sorrel roots = $139

8 oz (4 - 2oz Packets) with 25% sheep sorrel roots = $265

16 oz Pouch with 10% sheep sorrel roots = $225

16 oz Pouch with 25% sheep sorrel roots = $340

(Call or email for total with shipping)


Some people may wonder why our Essiac tea herbs are higher priced than the major herb companies.  We cover this subject in detail on our Essiac Herb Quality page and on our Harvesting Sheep Sorrel Roots page.  When you read those two pages you will understand why we are truly the "Gold Standard of Essiac Herbs".

Essiac Circle of Friends

Essiac NorthWest, Humbleweed, Essiac North and many others have all contributed to the Essiac Circle of Friends, a natural society of  like-minded people continuing traditional native herbal healing in the spirit of the Seven Fires Prophecy.  The Essiac Circle of Friends is a cooperative effort to provide the highest quality Essiac tea herbs on the planet.  It is not in itself a corporation or business but some of the people involved have started their own retail outlets to provide these high-quality herbs to the public.   We are the people who plant, grow, harvest and supply these high-quality herbs to those in need.  The Circle has evolved over the past decade with various people contributing to it and then moving on in the ever-changing ebb and flow of life.

We include sheep sorrel roots in all our Essiac tea products at precise percentages.  The percentages refer to the ratio of sheep sorrel root to the total sheep sorrel content in the formula.


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